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Cornucopia Glass only has softening point but not melting point according to its particularity of molecular structure. From slightly soften about 600 degree, vertical soften at 700 degree, merging like caramel at 800 degree and finally flowing as water when over 1000 degree. Physical characteristic of glass changes under different temperature and creates a variety of techniques.

Glass can stand high pressure but low tenacity and easily brake, for example, under temperature change. A slightly scratch can cause uneven stress. Glass has high transparency, refractivity, plasticity under high temperature and stability under normal temperature. That’s why glass is still widely used even if materials like precision Ceramics and modern materials got popular.

Products made from original color of glass are different from massive manufactured products like printings.Their colors naturally merge, and with complicate techniques which machines cannot replace.

Color depth is hand-created by glass powders. The color won’t fade away even under sunlight, oppose in air or change of temperature and humidity, which is hard of other techniques to achieve.

Towel Glaze coating printing can combines with glass and creates long-lived colors especially suitable for construction materials. With its high and steady quality by machine makes it irreplaceable. We tried to focus more on glass’s transparency to make market segmentations. (It is frustrated that sometimes our products were treated as acrylic and porcelain)

Glasses performed differently according to different techniques even though they look alike. Factors are like: texture, prices, delicacy, and designing, visible and invisible technique gaps etc. Customers are bright enough to choose the product they like with their own needs. And please understand the glasses usually have different price based on different techniques used.