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Glass Cutting Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting
Designers use tungsten steel to cut the shape they want from the glass.

Operating Essentials
After going across with tungsten steel, we use a stabled and balanced strength to separate the glass without hesitation.

In the process of controlling tungsten steel, because of the uncoordinated use and control of disabled's body, it requires hours of practices and experiences to reach the required dexterity.

Glass Sprinkling Glass Sprinkling

Glass Sprinkling
Producer uses a scratching bar going back and forth on a vibrating filter, making glass powder spread equally or gradiently on the piece. Creating a more transparently, crystal-like color than the ceramic glaze could.

Operating Essentials
Determine whether the glass powder is equally spread and saturated mixed with the prospective color base on ones experiences.

Disabled practice with cornstarch beforehand, because once the glass powder mixed with different colors, they cannot be reused. So any new comers learning this technique will look like a baker in the beginning.

Glass Stretching Glass Stretching

Glass Stretching
Place a glass bar in front of the blowtorch until it became red and soften. Then quickly pull the glass into silk or curve shape, to create a sense of line.

Operating Essentials
Grasp the moment when the glass bar turned red, quickly pull and extend the bar into the desired shape. We can only do this in certain high temperature, which the glass bar will cool down in very short time.

Usually we need people to assist when disabled facing blowtorch. One is to help maintain safetyness, another is to be aware of the changing shape. Most of the disableds require long training hours since they have little chance facing fire before.

Craft-Using Foil Craft-Using Foil

Using Foil
Use cutting tools or hands making gold and silver foils into designed shape. This is to enhance the gorgeousness and elegancy of the product.

Operating Essentials
Gold and silver foils are fragile, which can be broke by your hand’s tiny vibration or even your breath. Foils require highly patience and care.

Disableds get excited when first meeting gold foils, since thy have very little chance facing 999 gold in normal workplace. Thus we will replace gold by copper foil for practice. Dealing with foils need tremendously high patience and concentration, mental disorders surprisingly have very stabled performance on this.

Cold Grinding Cold Grinding

Cold Grinding
After taking out from the stove, we have to use a water cooling diamond grinding wheel to adjust the shape.

Operating Essentials
The grinding wheel runs in a very high speed and generates vibrations, which requires well coordination between eyes and hands to handle the job. Once over grinded, it cannot restart and all the materials and effort will be wasted.

Victory combines different kinds of disableds and utilized each of their strengths into appropriate job positions as a team. We would like to prove that these disableds have the potential and creativity to perform even better than normal people, once they got a chance.